Selecting a payment processing partner for any business can predetermine the success an organization may attain. Today’s international e-commerce model delivers levels of complexity and unique opportunities for any size business. Business growth ultimately depends on strategic partnerships that communicate and grow with each other to meet mutual goals.

SuitePay understands that a close relationship with our partners and merchants decide our level of success. Sharing information about our solution and listening to our clients helps us develop a mutual strategy to provide the most advantageous processing solution available.

Global Payment Processing

SuitePay can assist you with a local, regional or global payment processing strategy. Our network includes partners that provide services internationally or in your backyard. Our talented professionals will assist you with selecting the optimal solutions that fit the needs of your business.


Relationships & Service

Acquiring banks, payment service providers (PSP) and independent sales organizations (ISO) all rely on SuitePay to provide the best possible technology, solutions and service for our clients. International business partners give us the flexibility to operate on a global scale. Our unique approach, processing strategies and first class service allows our clients the peace of mind to focus on building their businesses.



“Full Service Platform” – Technology and Support
Our proprietary processing technology provides merchants a single platform to process all of their transactions. Whether you are accepting credit / debit cards, ACH or Internet currency, the SuitePay platform will organize and prioritize the payments to meet your organizational requirements. Real time reporting gives our merchants the ability make key decisions in real time.


International Payments

International Payment Processing
SuitePay has independently built an International network of business relationships with Acquiring Banks, PSPs, ISOs and their Global Merchants in the USA, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. We will provide the solution for the simplest or the most complicated processing strategies for any size business.

Risk & Fraud Management

In 2010 e-commerce merchants were subject to losses estimated at more than $2.8 billion in revenues due to fraud. Ultimately these losses were partially caused due to poor risk management policies and procedures.


The most effective way to combat fraud is to prevent it. SuitePay employs risk assessment scoring using proprietary fraud management technologies and other tactics in attempt to reduce fraud and loss at the transactional level. We work hand in hand with our merchants to deploy the best methods specific to their businesses.

To support our acquiring banks and PSPs we utilize a unique underwriting process evaluating all of the key aspects of a merchant including: marketing collateral and properties, financial profile and track record, key management, transactional policies, service, fulfillment and other key aspects to operating a successful business.

SuitePay advocates strict enforcement by issuing banks to combat consumer fraud and consumer transaction denial or “friendly fraud”. We realize the great expense our merchants undertake to conduct business and pay for advertising and media. Documenting binding terms and conditions along with IP recording, sales form verification, collateral compliance and other technologies are methods utilized to combat frivolous “friendly fraud.”


We have available a variety of fraud management tools including: customer blacklists, IP analytics, consumer trending, card patterns and other methods. We also have available several third party solutions and can integrate with other value partners upon request.


The SuitePay technical staff has years of experience in the online security industry working with high profile organizations that are targets of daily attacks. We utilize cutting edge technology and state of the art processes to ensure safe, secure processing.


Implementation of some or all of the fraud management features are available from the SuitePay control panel. Once a merchant is approved, we will work with that merchant to develop the strategy that works for their specific business model.

Optimized Strategies

The SuitePay team and its partners have been involved in payment processing prior to the birth of electronic commerce. We bring decades of experience and resource to this ever-evolving marketplace. We have collaborated on thousands of projects and evaluated business models of all types to match them with the most cost effective, profitable and safe payment processing solutions.

MOTO and e-COMMERCE Card not present transactions are often categorized as the highest risk and potentially greatest reward transactions in a processing portfolio. We have consulted with merchants in this vertical for many years and have the tools to ensure the success of any campaign.

Higher Risk Tolerance Our proven track record affords us leverage with our acquiring partners. Whereas some payment solutions automatically decline merchants based on numerous factors such as business type, time in business and other reasons, SuitePay underwrites each business individually and assess risk accordingly. If a merchant in a high-risk vertical understands their business and can perform within our thresholds, we are willing to create a processing solution.

Recurring Payments, Subscription Services and Micropayments Expert portfolio management and technology allows us to provide exclusive residual billing services that many providers do not offer. These revenue tools are important to all merchants in today’s fast evolving community.

Global Reach

International merchants, PSPs and MSPs will benefit from using our full service payment processing platform, connecting them to several global processing networks. Acquiring banks will benefit with our knowledge of the global marketplace when trying to increase their global reach by expanding to unfamiliar territories.

Cross-Border Opportunities

Expansion across borders can be very lucrative, but the process to achieve success at times is daunting. We can make this process far more seamless and significantly reduce the “time to market” in nearly every international marketplace. Our experts will engage with you to understand your strategy and deliver you an exact roadmap for success.


The SuitePay platform currently supports over 100 currencies and provides settlement in 10. Our platform accepts almost every payment method. Dynamic currency conversion offers our merchant’s clients the highest possible level of convenience.

Growth Management

Controlling explosive growth is an essential element to maintaining best practices and corporate health. However having the ability to grow with processing volumes and creative marketing strategies is a focus for SuitePay when working with our merchants. We want to afford merchants all of the opportunities that they need to successfully expand their business.

Rapid Growth

We specialize in assisting fast growth merchants to capture and manage their business using proven methods and proprietary processing technology. We also work with our merchants to ensure they will always have the maximum processing volumes available to meet their forecasted growth.

Emerging Markets

Nations with business activity in the process of rapid growth and industrialization are often targets for PSPs, MSPs and our merchants. These markets often provide first to market and other lucrative marketing opportunities. Our network has a proven track of success in these situations.

Corporate, Banking & Professional Services

Over the years, SuitePay has developed a network of industry best professionals internationally in the areas of law, tax and commercial banking and other related services. Referrals are available for our partners upon request.