SuitePay offers industry specific processing services all from one source - our processing platform and its suite of services.

The platform offers industry specific technologies for efficient payment processing with real time transparent trending and data to increase revenues.

Consumer Goods

Full-Service Solutions

Our customized solutions provide merchants with unparalleled technology directly from our payment platform with access to payment and risk management procedures. We combine all channels in one easy to use interface so companies can focus on their core business.


SuitePay offers our merchants a variety of payment processing options and supports nearly all marketing and advertising strategies. Bill me later, risk free trial and other campaigns can be easily deployed and managed.

Cost Benefits

Our payment platform makes it easy and efficient for merchants to conduct business at a their pace. Our processing rates are also the most affordable for each industry sector. The broad range of services ensures protection against defaults and non-collectibles with full transparency for cash flow management.

Cross Over Borders

Expansion across borders can be very lucrative, but the process to achieve success at times is daunting. We can make this process significantly more seamless while substantially reduce the “time to market” in nearly every international marketplace. Our experts will engage with you to understand your strategy and deliver you an exact roadmap for success.

Digital Goods

The Future

Incredible growth rates are being shown in downloadable services, game manufacturers, subscription services, entertainment providers and other digital merchants are showing incredible growth rates. Business concepts of data service providers demand customized and specialized global payment solutions that function at high speed. Our platform provides advanced specialty services and tools to help merchants produce optimal results.

Risk & Fraud Management

A primary feature of the SuitePay Platform is risk management for digital goods to review transactions and consumer profiles within microseconds is a primary feature of the SuitePay platform. We work diligently to protect our merchants from fraudulent transactions. The sensitivity of the risk management process is fully customizable with rule based parameters set by each merchant partner.

Subscription, Recurring, & Micropayments

We offer payment solutions for every imaginable marketing and advertising model specializing in subscription and recurring billing models. Our years of experience managing complex billing models will produce higher returns for our merchant partners.

High Risk

Transaction Types

  • MOTO
  • e-Commerce
  • Risk Free Trial
  • Free Plus Shipping
  • Bill Me Later
  • Subscriptions
  • Recurring Billings
  • Auto ships
  • Micropayments

MOTO Specialists

Mail Order/Telephone Order merchants require special details when developing a payment processing strategy. SuitePay offers these merchants a full-service approach to determine these exact needs on an up to the minute basis. Card not present transactions offer a different set of opportunities and challenges. Managing these details correctly ensures a lucrative business path. We welcome working with merchants of this type.


Our unique underwriting protocol weighs highly on several key business factors. Whereas some payment solutions automatically decline merchants based on numerous factors such as business type, time in business and other reasons, SuitePay underwrites each business individually and assess risk accordingly. If a merchant in a high-risk vertical understands their business and can perform within our thresholds, we are willing to create a processing solution without limitations.

Sustainable Processing

Working together with our merchants gives us the intelligence and information we need to provide long term payment processing solutions. In order to maintain transparency in every aspect of our business relationships, it is important to have available all of the data and information so that we may properly navigate any business path. We have found success in preventing potential issues before they happen. The SuitePay processing solution is the most viable and long-term solution available for high risk merchants today.