The SuitePay community or network is comprised of professional organizations including acquiring banks, Payment Service Providers (PSPs), Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) and other professionals such as attorneys and accountants. Collectively we collaborate to offer the best possible payment processing solutions and professional services that are an asset to any business.

SuitePay is an independent payment service provider with proprietary technology and a platform from which merchants can safely and securely process payment transactions. We specialize in global e-commerce maintaining international relationships with acquiring banks, PSPs, ISOs and other professional organizations. We are always exploring new opportunities and looking for new relationships to offer our partners the best.

Acquiring Banks

An acquiring bank is a financial institution that accepts credit card, debit card and other payment methods, manages settlements, mitigates risk while providing PSPs, ISOs and merchants with reporting functionality.

SuitePay offers a specialized service to acquiring banks. Acquiring banks will benefit from our knowledge of the global marketplace when trying to increase their global reach by expanding to unfamiliar territories or by desiring conduct new business within a vertical that is unfamiliar to them.

Secure Payment Platform

The SuitePay processing platform provides fraud prevention and risk management features unique to our technology. We connect all of our acquiring banks to a secure global network of PSPs, MSPs and other service providers increasing the bank's potential revenue stream by increasing visibility. We can also introduce new acquirers to new revenue streams based on individual portfolio goals

Our technology provides solutions for risk management. To assist with any API integration, our technical staff will ensure a seamless connection, allowing every entity instant data in a transparent environment.

Our proprietary processing technology also provides merchants a single platform to process all of their transactions. Whether you are accepting credit and debit cards, ACH or Internet currency, the SuitePay platform will organize and prioritize the payments to meet your organizational requirements. Real time reporting gives our merchants the ability to make key decisions in real time to increase revenues.

Risk Assessment & Management

The most effective way to combat fraud is to prevent it. SuitePay employs risk assessment scoring using a variey of tactics including proprietary fraud management technologies in attempt to reduce fraud and loss at the transactional level. We work hand in hand with our merchants to deploy the best methods for their businesses.

To support our acquiring banks, PSPs and MSPs, we utilize a unique underwriting process evaluating all of the key aspects of a merchant including: marketing collateral and properties, financial profile and track record, key management, transactional policies, service, fulfillment and other key aspects to operating a successful business.

SuitePay advocates strict enforcement by issuing banks to combat consumer fraud and consumer transaction denial or “friendly fraud”. We realize the great expense our merchants undertake to conduct business and pay for advertising and media. Documenting binding terms and conditions along with IP recording, sales form verification and collateral compliance are methods utilized to combat frivolous “friendly fraud.”

Unique Process

The knowledge of market trends as defined as local or regional markets gives our banking partners great benefits. Using our network resources and unmatched technology, we can develop a strategy for any market.

Our underwriting protocol is unique, weighing highly on several key business factors. Some payment solutions automatically decline merchants based on numerous factors such as business type, time in business and other reasons, whereas SuitePay underwrites each business individually and assess risk accordingly. If a merchant in a high-risk vertical understands their business and is capable to perform within our thresholds, we are willing to create a processing solution without limitations.

Payment / Merchant Service Providers

SuitePay offers premiere service providers the ability to expand their reach in the global marketplace.

Service First

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide all of our partners a platinum level of service no matter the size of the request. Communication and speed are paramount to keeping the edge in a fast paced economy.

Global Payment Network

Providing state of the art services for our mutual clients, Our global network of payment providers creates a valuable relationship. SuitePay takes on the roll as a Global Advisor to help the network maintain by creating new technologies and grow by developing complex strategies in existing and new markets.

Partners with Purpose

Selecting the correct organizations to align with will determine the overall success of any project. Partnering with like-minded organizations that share our goals and philosophies only expedites success. Our knowledgebase and steady approach to processing services focus on long term relationships.


SuitePay supports solution providers of all types including several gateways and shopping carts with a turnkey integration process. We also work with several third parties that provide an array of valuable services for merchants including fraud and risk management technologies. Providers can then leverage the technology in our platform to reach more clients globally.

Ease of Implementation

Our technical staff will assist with any API integration to ensure a seamless connection. These connections allow every entity instant data in a transparent environment. You may request a copy of our API documentation for further information.

Increased Revenues

Increasing your global footprint allows your business to reach far more customers ultimately increasing your revenue. SuitePay will provide our strategic partners with the tools and relationships they need to reach customers more effectively, in many markets around the globe.

Strategic Relationships